Technical Writer/Editor and Project Leader, Shipley Associates (division of Franklin Quest Co., later Franklin Covey)—1993 to 1995. As a technical writer/editor and project leader, I wrote or contributed to many railroad, oil refinery, and bank operating or safety manuals. I wrote software or online documentation manuals, consulting scripts, and school textbooks. I contributed to the rewrite of the Shipley Associates Style Guide used by companies around the world as the standard resource for all business writing. My team and I created a three-product package to be published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston—a new high school business writing curriculum.

In addition to the aforementioned work, I edited:

  • Malcolm Baldrige Award documents for Hamilton Standard
  • Stress Management training scripts for Franklin Quest Co.
  • Non-fiction for Bookcraft
  • IND documents for Baxter Healthcare Corporation
  • I had a considerable team of scientists and researchers working with me on the Baxter Healthcare (Blood Substitutes) project. It was my responsibility to edit and compile ten years of research materials for an IND (government documentation for a drug).

    Commercial Art Instructor, East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT)—1991 to 1993. As the lead commercial art instructor, I developed and wrote a two-year school curriculum program. This curriculum included materials to teach half-day classes to students removed from high schools for weapons or other offenses (an alternative high school). This 5-level course included materials for a wide age range of students and included math concepts, document layout and design, résumé writing, lettering, and fine art.

    Given a dirty, small, storage room to renovate into a classroom, I encouraged my students to tell the renovation story in pictures. My students and I successfully turned the unequipped storeroom into a functional facility. Our story was featured in the local newspaper. Through my newly written curriculum, more of these students excelled to receive statewide awards in commercial art than at any previous time in the history of EVIT.

    Mesa, Arizona newspaper—
    room transformation is art project


    As an author/illustrator, I conducted and taught many seminars on time and organizational management, self-development, image consulting, writing, and grandparenting.

    As a guest speaker and presenter, for several years I enjoyed participating in the Oak Park Elementary Schools’ “Young Authors Conference.” These all-day conferences encouraged not only the would-be young authors but the parents and the entire school staff to write, draw, sing—be creative in a career as a writer. In addition, I sponsored creativity through the many opportunities I had to speak to young children and adults via the library system.

    Checking Out





  • Author and The LDS Grandparents’ Idea Book featured several times on “Studio 5” (KSL)—2008
  • Author and Shattered: Six Steps from Betrayal to Recovery featured several times on Salt Lake City, Utah, and Phoenix, Arizona television stations—2005 and 2006
  • Bestseller, The LDS Grandparents’ Idea Book—Spring 2000
  • Project Leader Award for exceptional performance on Holt, Rinehart and Winston project—1995
  • Project Leader Award for exceptional performance on Wells Fargo Armored Services project—1994
  • Statewide student awards while commercial art instructor, EVIT—1991 to 1993
  • The Complete Guide to Woman’s Time honored at the Illinois Library Association Conference—1991
  • Author and The Complete Guide to Woman’s Time featured on “Our World” (U.S. Jones, and Chicago Cable Stations)—1991
  • Best Illustrator, “Highlights for Children” Science Corner of the Year—1987 and 1989
  • Honor Young Mother of the Year for the state of Utah—1981