We Are Strong! Mothers and Daughters Stand Together

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Every girl needs a mentor, someone she can trust to show her the way home to Heavenly Father. The stakes are high—as women of influence, how we live and how we teach Heavenly Father’s daughters will change the course of their lives forever.

Using compelling real-life stories from women of all ages, award-winning author Fay A. Klingler clearly defines how and why we must continue to live and teach the Young Women values.

We Are Strong! beautifully illustrates how powerful a faithful woman’s example can be.

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I began reading We Are Strong! amidst a heavy personal trial in my life, and yet after reading only a few short pages, I had the desire to get on my knees and thank Heavenly Father for every small blessing in my life.

I love how Fay uses multiple true stories and examples to teach valuable principles. These stories carry the book and entice you to read yet one more page because you can relate.

Bravo to Fay for tackling the topics that are easy for Moms to forget, but are of utmost importance. Her detail and straightforwardness is helpful and motivating.

I am reminded of what an honor it is to be a woman. I have never thought so deeply about my personal commitment as an adult woman to each of the YW values. There is work to be done and I have signed my name to do it.

I feel uplifted and encouraged. We live at a time when despair is too common. While reading Fay’s book, I have been filled with hope and determination. I can do something. I will start within the walls of my own home and work outward.

—Lorene Elder, Stake Young Women President

We Are Strong! is a truly amazing book. I loved it. It covers the Young Women values in a clear and understandable way. It also explains how we, as daughters of God, have a divine nature and tells us how we can cultivate our divine attributes. By heeding the promptings of the Spirit and choosing to stand strong and act with faith and hope, we can draw closer to Jesus Christ. I enjoyed the many interesting personal stories and examples. They made the book come alive. We Are Strong! contains so much helpful, useful, and practical information that can help us progress toward our goal of achieving eternal happiness. I highly recommend this uplifting book. It certainly gave me a spiritual boost.

—Marlene Bateman Sullivan, author of Gaze into Heaven: Near Death Experiences in Early Church History and Heroes of Faith: True Stories of Courage and Strength

Every word I read was profound and uplifting. What wonderful guidelines! Each chapter takes a value and provides amazing content. I loved the way Fay integrated so many scriptures from the Book of Mormon and other standard works as she described each value and how we can apply the teaching of that value to helping and teaching our young women. Fay also included everyday experiences from friends, associates, and relatives that readers can relate to. I appreciated the “Why” and “How” sections at the end of each chapter as well as the “house” we are building with each value.

—Claire DeWitt, Stake Relief Society President

I am left with a feeling of hope after reading We are Strong!—hope for a better future for my daughters, hope to help me be a better mother, a better Young Women leader, a better example to my neighbors, and better at living the gospel and serving others. I have a stronger resolve to watch my actions and words with my teenagers, a stronger resolve to build my own relationship with my Heavenly Father, and a stronger resolve to be the mother God wants me to be.

I was impressed at how stories and analogies flowed and made so much sense. I loved reading personal experiences as well as the many stories that Fay wound into the chapters. I appreciated reading a book that enlightened me and made me feel just as I do when I finish my personal scripture study. I found the words in this book uplifting and in direct line with the teachings of the gospel. Thank you, Fay, for a beautiful read!

—Andrea Christensen, Stake Young Women President

We are Strong! is a powerful, timely, and inspiring read. The personal experiences are incredible, and the quotes spot on. Each chapter helps you feel the truthfulness of the principles in layered insights. This is a book that will teach, uplift, and encourage women young and old.

—Connie E. Sokol, best-selling author, 40 Days with the Savior

In her book We Are Strong! Fay Klingler uses life experiences, eloquent testimony, and sound scriptural references to inspire women of all ages regarding the Young Women values. I was especially touched by her respect for the relationships women share as mothers, daughters, friends, sisters, and extended family. This book inspires and facilitates personal revelation. Every reader will feel Heavenly Father’s love of His daughters!

—Ann Manning, Stake Relief Society President

We Are Strong! is a must read for parents, grandparents, teachers and leaders who wish to teach, influence, and inspire the young women in their lives. Klingler uses compelling stories, scriptural references, and specific advice to teach true principles and reinforce the importance of the Young Women values. This book will provide its readers with the necessary tools to help young women strengthen their testimonies and realize they are beautiful daughters of God.

—Debbie Forrest, Time to Blossom Founder and 2004 National Parent of the Year

As a mother rearing two daughters and a son, We Are Strong! really spoke to my heart. I love the idea of using the Young Women values as I mother my children. Sometimes I feel like I am either behind my kids pushing them along or in front pulling them. This book encouraged me to walk beside them and use the inspired values I learned while in Young Women. I love a book that inspires hope and action; this gave me both.

—Angela Allen, dedicated mother

We Are Strong! is a very thoughtful book based on principles that are timeless. I like that the book focuses on building a sense of the true self, which is a lifetime goal for every woman.  I also believe that using real-life experiences facilitates opportunities for effective learning because it makes principles more accessible.

—Peggy deAzevedo, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Fay Klingler shows great understanding about the strong values outlined for Young Women. She has expertly crafted her chapters with stories, quotes and explanations. It’s applicable to all women—daughters, mothers and grandmothers. Fay teaches, informs, and reveals through significant stories the many great truths which will help strengthen, teach and lift.

At the end of each chapter we see symbolism comparing each strong value to a women’s inner self as she is building a home within herself; included are suggestions on why and how to teach our young women today. Although several stories tend to show some of the negative and evil powers occurring in the world, many more illustrate the inspiring effects of listening to the Holy Ghost, using prayer, priorities, and perspective. There is something for every mother and/or daughter in this book as we each work to build our firm foundation.

—Cheryl Thomas, Assistant Director, Church Building Hosting

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We Are Strong! Mothers and Daughters Stand Together Sample Chapter