May 13th, 2016

Yesterday was a really big day for me. I donated some of my books to the Granite Education Foundation–672 books to be exact!

The Granite Education Foundation is a nonprofit serving the needs of over 68,000 students in the Granite School District. Of those served, sixty-five percent are considered at or below poverty level standards. Many of these students do not have books in their homes, let alone a personal copy of any title.

The Foundation helps close to 3000 students during the holidays by providing a warm blanket, winter clothing, school supplies, a new book, socks, and a toy. For these students, without this assistance there would be no holiday and they would return to school not on an equal level as their peers.

Needless to say the Foundation welcomed my donation, and I was thrilled to be in a position to give it.

This is me at the Foundation yesterday with my books on carts.

2016 May 12, Fay donating 672 books to the Granite Education Foundation

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