I was born in Mesa, Arizona. My father was a frugal school teacher, who wanted to give something special to his family. So he built us a summer home in the mountains. There my brother and sisters and I enjoyed the freedom to roam and explore the hills and valleys. We had no television or telephone, so we enjoyed each other’s company and the wonderful outdoors.

My first inclination to write came when I was in junior high school. My creative writing teacher’s name was Miss Bell. At the time, I thought she was ancient—white hair, wrinkled skin, slow moving—in reality, she was probably not far from the age I am now! One day she walked into class with an overnight bag. She looked incredibly aged and pale. She had no makeup on whatsoever, which was unusual because she always was impeccably groomed. She sat at her desk, opened the bag, and with the aid of the tiny, satin-framed mirror on the inside lid, she proceeded to apply her makeup. The assignment of the day, she said, was to write about what we observed!

Although I always had trouble diagnosing parts of speech—proper word names for conjunctions, prepositions, adverbs, etc.—writing came naturally. But so did art or any creative expression. Art was my love, however.

I had another favorite teacher. Her name was Mrs. Durham. She taught high school, and gave me such encouragement in art that I continued in that field until I received my Advertising and Commercial Art degree. I loved blending colors through line on paper and became quite successful at it.

Eventually I coupled my writing skills with my art, illustrating and writing articles and books. When I found myself in a position to have to support myself and my family alone, my abilities and experience as an editor and writer provided more income, so I devoted most of my time to the “writer/editor me” instead of the “artist me.”

I wrote about topics ranging from family activities to railroad safety, oil refinery procedures to inspiration for women. Now I primarily focus on materials for women and the family. I love writing about healthy lifestyles, cooking, family fun, and time management. I believe passionately in the positive power of mothers. Because of my experience, I can write to all sizes of traditional families, single-parent families, blended families, multi-cultural families, and grandparents. And I am often asked to speak about writing and editing at writers’ conferences, or to be a presenter for organizations dedicated to strengthen the home and family.

My husband and I have twelve children and thirty-five grandchildren in our “blended” family. We reside in Draper, Utah.